UACM Mission and Beliefs

UACM Mission and Beliefs
The UACM is a rigorous program that seeks to promote the success of elementary students schooled in urban contexts through the development of pedagogically competent, equity-oriented, caring, empowered teachers who are change agents inside and outside the classroom. We believe that:

  • Teachers have the ability and power to provide experiences in which children succeed, which subsequently provides the confidence and competence for children to continue creating their own success;
  • In order to foster these successful experiences, teachers must engage and connect with the children in their classrooms by treating them with respect, by having high standards for them, and by possessing the ability to pass on to the children a fervent belief that they can achieve;
  • In order to foster successful experiences, teachers must be knowledgeable about the child’s culture and must actively integrate this knowledge into the best practices of teaching and learning;
  • The teacher must create purposeful, structured environments in which children are free to explore, experiment, and learn;
  • Teachers must establish an environment in their classrooms where children are respectful of each other, their environment, and the adults in their lives; and
  • Teachers must respect the language of their children and have knowledge of its background and principles and must model and expect mastery of mainstream American English from their students.

UACM Candidate, K. Becket, Discusses UACM Program:

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