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Alice Marie D. Norman

Field Supervisor    ,

Ed. D., Argosy University, 2012
Ed. S., Argosy university, 2011
M.ED., Georgia State University,1983, (Reading Instruction)
B.S., Georgia State University, 1977


Assessment Skills and Knowledge of Educational Leaders
Best Practices in Reading Instruction


Dr. Norman has worked with teachers and student in reading, literacy education and administrative leadership for over 30 years. She has taught reading to students placed in the Early Intervention Program (EIP) as a reading specialist, and coordinated schoolwide and district reading/language arts initiatives. In addition to serving as a reading specialists, and reading coordinator she served as a Regional Coordinator working with Regional Superintendents providing administrative and instructional support to principals and their schools in the DeKalb School System. Her doctoral research explored the assessment literacy skills and knowledge of Title I Principals.

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