Professional Learning

Partner School Inquiry Groups

Grade-level teacher groups at our partner school designed professional learning projects to address an instructional goal and inquiry question: Bridging literacy and STEM:  How can I incorporate composing and higher level questioning into instruction? Kindergarten and First grade teachers developed dual-language science school-to-home kits for students to take home bilingual science texts, simple science experiments related to the curriculum, and family response science journals. Second grade teachers incorporated technology to compose and produce video science journals using PhotoStory 3. Third and Fourth grade teachers designed integrated units combining science and social studies topics to give students the opportunity to explore science in society through hands-on activities and experiences. Fifth grade teachers learned to use iPad apps to design, compose, and publish movies as supports for introducing new science units, building background knowledge of the topics and supporting academic vocabulary acquisition. The ESOL teachers researched and read widely on collaboration and differentiating writing for ELs, incorporating the strategies in their work within individual classrooms and sharing ideas with colleagues. Grade-level teams presented their projects to their colleagues to offer guidance and suggestions on using alternate methods of composition with ELs.


ESOL Mentor Teacher professional learning

As part of the extensive mentoring and coaching aspects of the QuIEL Grant, novice and experienced mentor teachers participate in professional learning through mentor teacher training. Initial and follow up sessions allow for ongoing support of mentor teacher development and continues to nurture our partnership with our partner district personnel.

Mentor teachers who attend our professional learning sessions learn about the goals, philosophies, state policies and expectations of involvement in our teacher preparation program. Their efforts are further strengthened as professional learning activities support the growth of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of mentor teachers to align with the successful development of pre-service teachers.

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