Is Our Urban Education Program For You?

If you have a college degree (baccalaureate degree or higher) but are not certified to teach,  the Urban Accelerated Certificate and Master’s program (UACM) at Georgia State University (GSU) might be the right program for you!

What makes the UACM program special?

The Urban Accelerated Certification and Master’s (UACM) program is an exciting two-year alternative certification and master’s degree program that celebrates urban education of children between the ages of 4 through 11.

We believe that teaching is a profession, and our team of experienced and dedicated faculty guide our candidates to become experts in the field of teaching and learning. Each year we accept a cohort of candidates into the program.

Our program links theory to practice through rigorous course work and intense field experiences. Our cornerstone course, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, lays the foundation for preparing teachers to promote the success of elementary students schooled in urban contexts. This course’s tenets are then interwoven throughout the rest of the program.

During the first year of the program you complete your Early Childhood and Elementary Education (Pre-Kindergarten-5th grade) certification and English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement.

During the second year of the program we continue to support you as you begin your career as a teacher. This second year of mentorship leads to a master’s degree in education.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then you should consider applying to the UACM program at GSU or contact the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education for more information at 404-413-8020

UACM Alumni and Mentor Teacher, R. Harry, talks about the UACM Program

 The UACM Program:
Become a Teacher, Earn a Master’s Degree, Touch a Child’s Life, Change the World!

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